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Process Innovation & Custom Synthesis

Working in state-of-the-art laboratories, supported by excellent in-house analytical capabilities, and quality manufacturing assets, our talented and experienced scientists work across multiple chemistry and therapeutic categories to create scalable, robust and cost-effective processes. Arch Pharmalabs provides flexible Full Time Equivalent (FTE) or per-project arrangements to execute innovative route scouting, process R&D and rapid-response custom synthesis of regulatory starting materials, advanced intermediates and APIs in gram to Hundreds of kilo gram quantities for preclinical Phase III clinical studies.

Located in Taloja (near Mumbai), Arch Pharmalabs Process Technology Centre spearheads:

  • Externally sponsored process R&D and custom synthesis of new chemical entities.
  • Continuous process improvement and expansion of our API portfolio.

The site houses 200 process chemists and analysts and features professional project management, state-of-the-art chemistry laboratories and analytical instrumentation. Kilo laboratories and Pilot Plant assets enable rapid scale-up of APIs and intermediates for timeline-sensitive pre-clinical and clinical studies.